Save Our Centers - AT&T You're Blowing It!


Save Our Centers - AT&T You're Blowing It!

Over 45 call centers have been closed by AT&T in the United States since 2011 with thousands of employees, their families, and the communities they live in being devastated by this alarming trend. We are calling on AT&T to cancel these closures, stop the terminations, and treat their loyal employees with the dignity and respect that they deserve.

Tell AT&T - You're Blowing It!

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The signers of this petition are calling on AT&T to stop the closures of call centers and the elimination of call center jobs. Loyal workers have held those positions for decades, and have helped the company be the success it is today through hard work and dedication. They deserve better than having their centers closed and jobs eliminated. Do the right thing AT&T - Save Our Centers.