• A/B test "subject" and "from" lines, with a randomly cut list
  • Use personalization clips such as first name
  • Industry-leading email deliverability by SendGrid
  • Dig into full email stats — opens, clicks, unsubscribes, and actions

Mobile Messaging

  • Engage your activists with mobile messages as well as email
  • Automate responses to create personalized engagement journeys
  • Text-to-take-action on petitions, events, and forms
  • Intuitive targeting, personalization, and A/B testing, just like email
  • Send mobile messages by time zone
  • Industry-leading mobile messaging through Twilio

Sophisticated Automation

  • Design sophisticated automated campaign journey via mobile messages and emails
  • Activists enter ladders when they subscribe, take action, or text in a keyword
  • Build in a wait before the next email or mobile message
  • Move activists through different paths using decision trees

Analytics Powerhouse

  • Build queries using 20+ built-in fields, plus any custom values
  • Use queries for mass emails and mobile messages or for reporting
  • Create custom dashboards with our SQL mirror
  • Move data back and forth with our full, OSDI-compliant API
  • Connect seamlessly with Salesforce and many other integrations

Digital Mobilization

For every single advocacy action, event, and fundraiser you create:

  • Include the action on your website with an embed code
  • Choose one of 14 available languages
  • Collect custom information with our form builder
  • Customize Facebook and Twitter share language
  • Use source codes and referrer codes to track signups
  • Set up custom thank you emails
  • Daisy chain actions
  • Enjoy mobile-ready pages out of the box
  • Download lists of action-takers, RSVPs, and donors
  • Phone- and text-bank using CallHub and Mobile Commons
  • Sponsor actions with other organizations to fuel list growth
  • Your data is yours, and we won’t contact your activists


  • Target your petitions to anyone
  • Add images and videos with our visual editor
  • Build petitions with multiple sponsors
  • Deliver petitions physically or via email

Letter Campaigns

  • Activists can write advocacy letters to their elected officials
  • Use built-in target lists (U.S. Congress, Governors, State Legislatures) or add your own custom targets or districts
  • Track how many letters are sent
  • Download letters to take with you to advocacy meetings
  • Use our New/Mode integration for click-to-dial calls

Call Campaigns

  • Mobilize your activists to call their elected officials
  • Upload an audio message that activists will hear when they call
  • Connects activists to targets based on their address
  • Track calls and actions taken


  • Get set up in minutes using WePay or Stripe
  • Integrate your Action Network account with ActBlue
  • Collect one-time or recurring donations
  • Receipts are handled automatically
  • Use one-click donate links in emails and mobile messages
  • Process international credit and debit cards


  • Create individual events with date, time, and location
  • Build an event campaign map with pins representing events around the globe
  • Set up a ticketed event with various ticket prices and instant ticket delivery


  • Quickly find individuals and view their email, mobile, action, and donation history
  • Review and edit activist tags and custom fields
  • Search by name, email, mobile number, or address
  • Leave private notes for yourself and other administrators on an activist's record


  • Match your own organization's federated structure
  • Data flows from "children" groups into the "parent" group
  • Set administrator permissions at various levels
  • Syndicate advocacy, fundraising, event, and email templates to affiliates
  • Each affiliate can edit syndicated materials and share with their members
  • Do a campaign deep-dive with aggregated statistics

And a lot more -- way more than we can fit on one page!

Let's partner up and get organizing.

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